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China, a favored tourist country with time-honored history, profound culture diversity and breathtaking scenery is appealing numerous travel-lovers annually. China City Guide offers comprehensive travel guide on most Chinese cities such as time-honored Beijing, ancient Xian, picturesque Guilin, metropolitan Shanghai, majestic Yangtze River, mysterious Tibet, breathtaking Yunnan, Panda's hometown Chengdu, shopping paradise Hong Kong and other cities displaying the destinations' attractions, culture, food, shopping as well as tours

At a Glance
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  • Capital :Beijing

    Language : Mandarin, Cantonese, many Dialects

    Currency : CNY

    Dialing code:+86

    Time Zone: (GMT+08:00)


2 Day:           Shanghai
3 Days, add:         Xian
2 Days, add: Chengdu
3 Days, add:     Beijing

With More Time:

With more time extend the tour to Guilin, Yangshuo, Lhasa (is known as the "Roof of the World"), Jiuzhaigou

Things To Do:

The Great Wall
At 6,000 km long, the Wall is like an old friend that keeps popping its head up on your travels. You're likely to glimpse it from train windows, but the best way to experience it is with a walk. It's steep, but with every step you're rewarded with an amazing sense of history.

Terracotta Warriors
These 8,000 soldiers and their horses have stood guard for 2,000 years over the First Emperor of China. Beautifully preserved and standing in full battle regalia, they are a highlight of any trip to China.

Longji Terraces
Nicknamed the dragon's backbone with good reason, the rice terraces soar into the sky like ribs from a mythical beast and bring different colours and moods with every season. Hike through them to small villages where life has remained unchanged for centuries.

This bustling metropolis is modern China at its best. Take in the futuristic skyline of the Bund, get a taste of Europe at the French Concession or grab a bargain at bustling Yuyuan Bazaar.

Giant Pandas
These gorgeous, black and white fur-balls originate from China but are loved by the world. Visit the breeding program in Chengdu that is helping to save this rare species and see for yourself why pandas have captivated the world.

Yangzi River
Take a cruise down the world's third largest river for front row seats to rural China. Explore tributaries, see the phenomenal Three Gorges Dam and take time out on deck to learn mah jong or brush up on your Mandarin.

Emei Shan
Take a cable car to the peak of this holy mountain. Then the active can choose to join pilgrims for the six hour hike back down, past cool streams and rainforests. Spend the night in a simple monastery and wake to the sound of monks chanting.

Shaolin Temple
Watch kung fu students practise their moves at the legendary Shaolin Temple. For those feeling game, there is the opportunity to attend a class and soak up some of the wisdom.

Tiananmen Square
Beijing's huge city square has seen many important historical events take place over the years. Surrounded by monuments and flags, this is an icon of China not to be missed.

The Forbidden City
This UNESCO World Heritage site located in the middle of Beijing has historical and political importance. As an imperial palace, the Forbidden City housed emperors - now this place is recognised as being the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world. Don't miss it!

When to Go

Due to China's large size, there are great variations in the climate - depending on what area you're travelling in, expect different temperatures and conditions. Autumn and spring are generally the better seasons to visit as temperatures are less extreme than in summer and winter. Suggested, the best time to visit China is in April, May, September and October. Traveling during this period would be rewarded with comfortable weather and breathtaking landscape. Be aware that travelling through China during Chinese New Year presents some challenges, with many businesses closing and public transport (especially rail) much busier due to locals moving around the country to visit their families.